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Know more here about dual USB car cigarette lighter
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Know more here about dual USB car cigarette lighter

4 in 1 dual usb car cigarette lighter

The Dual USB car charger is a popular choice for customers who are looking for a charger that will run off the cigarette lighter in a car. The car charger is an essential device for customers to conveniently charge their smartphones in the car. There are a wide extent of car chargers with different design and price on the market. Notwithstanding, you may be confused for choosing a really good one. Shaped as a flashlight, Bluelans revealed another generation of car charger combining seamless surface injection molding process technology, ergonomic and convenient. Matching its gigantic target, Bluelans generally guaranteed its customers by developing the best car chargers by being light, ultra-compact, and made of high quality material.

Bringing a comfortable and premium feeling, the new car charger highlights 4 in 1 dual usb car cigarette lighter, charging simultaneously any of your devices. In addition, it was essentially improved by an indicator LED, offering you a better vision during the night. Coming with a non-clip clasp, the car charger is functional and ready-to-go, and offer you another pulse for your new adventures. The Dual USB car charger plainly emerges as having significantly more going for it than not. Customers who use it have additionally reached a relative conclusion result and it has received far more positive feedback than other close to cell phone car chargers.

The product plainly settle the issues of customers and gives a solution to their mobile device charging necessities. While it costs more than different chargers, it is more reasonable over the long haul and obviously of better quality. Along these lines, customers rabbit glad to pay for a solid product that does what it is meant to do. The Bluelans car charger can offer you fast and convenient charging experience. Powered by a 5V DC, the car charger is equipped with dual USB ports with the current of 3.1A and 1.0A. Similarly, the Bluelans car charger can charge for mainstream mobile devices like tablets, smartphones, and so forth

Safety begins things out. The Bluelans car charger offers up to 4 kinds of smart protections to maintain the stable output voltage, for instance, over current protection, over voltage protection, overheating protection, short circuit protection. So you can rest assured to charge for your devices. Generally speaking, Bluelans car charger is a reasonable car charger with good performance. You can get a branded car charger with stunning design, 4 in 1 dual USB car cigarette lighter and LED indicator light, and better protection for your stuff safety, etc. For more information, read this page.

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